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Shelley Overton Orlando, FL 4.11 years ago

Fine artist, muralist, art instructor for Michael's in Orlando, Florida

Linda Anderson Gainesville, VA 4.14 years ago

Linda M. Anderson Gainesville, Virginia 20155

Ciara Southwick Hamilton, MA 4.2 years ago

I love to draw characters, creatures, landscapes and animal anatomy. If a completed drawing came out particularly well I tend...

Casandra Cole Lansing, MI 4.28 years ago

Make your life amazing!

Shana Long Memphis, TN 4.36 years ago

Hey y'all, my name is my name is Shana Long. In the artist community I'm known as Shorty Gul. I'm the owner of The Shorty Gul...

Angela Burton Tucson, AZ 4.47 years ago

I'm an artist and an entrepreneur as well! On June 1st, 2016, I celebrated seven years of ownership of Young Rembrandts of...

Angelenia Edwards Pensacola, FL 4.79 years ago

Angel J Edwards was born a true native to Florida. She began her career in drafting and design as a board draftsperson until...

Christine Cholowsky Hamilton, Ontario 4.79 years ago

“It just happens in that special moment when creative energy meets naked canvas and just flows and the world no longer exists...

Vincent Marsh Atlanta, GA 4.83 years ago

I have been a distinguished Graphics Engineer/Illustrator since 1981. A product of the North Carolina educational system, I was...

Misty Graves Trussville, AL 4.91 years ago