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Tune into Creativity

A behind-the-scenes look at all types of creative talent. Gain insight into how industry influencers value and utilize their artistic talent in a myriad of projects. Find out how creativity and art are essential to their work.

Sketching 101 with Todd Aaron Smith

In this episode, Todd Aaron Smith will guide you through some doodling! Creating a bunch of things that wouldn't normally go together, with the purpose of it just being fun! Art materials shown in this video are available at most art material retailers and on the Chartpak Online Factory Store.


Paint, paint brushes, ink, paper, and more!


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thaloTV Original Videos

Watch thalo's original "featured" videos. Content that ignites the imagination with behind-the-scene interviews as well as tips and techniques.


thalo Critics' Choice Inspiration Award - thalo recognizes creative people who inspire others through their art.

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Larry Jordan

Access Larry Jordan's rich library of video production training materials to give you the competitive advantage!