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Jeff Plotkin

UserName: plotkin City: Leeds State: MA Followers: (27)
My work is primarily in web application development where the work is done on websites which utilize public user login, excessive load, distributed computing technologies, cloud servers, cloud load balancers, credit card processing and integration of php, mysql, html, javascript, css, html5, css3 and flash (when necessary). My work is evenly distributed between front end and backend work generally. Specialties: Web application engineering: LAMP, CodeIgnighter, MVC Web Frameworks, jquery, PHP 5.3+, PHP Smarty, PHP MDB2, OOP, mysql, javascript, XHTML, XML, HTML5 canvas, iOS and cocoa objective-C programming with XCode, data abstraction. Integration with Facebook, Google, Vimeo, Indeed, and other web APIs. Linux server and desktop use for development and deployment. Cloud servers, load balancers and data storage. Multi-threading in c++ and java; java and php TCP programming. Mathematical software engineering: scientific computing; simulation programming in java, javascript and c++. Other: customer service, end user software support, middleware support, computer hardware assembly and repair, business and financial consulting.

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