Jeff Plotkin

city: Leeds State: MA Post Date: Oct 23, 2020


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So check this out, I was running a particle simulation with the software I made, and I set it to a very long exposure mode and its drawn all these tubes! From an artistic perspective its very choppy, like a 90's screen saver. But I think its cool none the less because this is after all a particle simulator not something that is supposed to make art. But maybe it implies in a way that there are similarieties to the interactions of particles based on their universal gravitation and the strokes made on a page when painting.

Oct 23, 2020


070818_6f5071b2-627161090-5b41ae4a-199e-4507753d plotkin on 01/19/202210:44PM
that is true! I had actually thought that this simulation could be used as a random number generator too! it incorporates Brownian motion , or at least similar mathematics.
my pic eyeconect on 10/23/202011:34AM
I like, can't see a pattern.