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Nicole Waters Theodore, AL 1.83 years ago

I'm a mother before all things but art comes to me like dreams come in sleep. Ideas never quit flowing from my mind. I choose...

Thomas kingstone-Hunt Fort Oglethorpe, GA 1.83 years ago

Alyssa Kubitz Boston, MA 1.83 years ago

Alyssa Kubitz was drawn to markers and crayons as soon as she could hold them and has used art as a means for self discovery,...

Jonathan Stone Albuquerque, NM 1.83 years ago

Matthew Shepard Evansville, IN 1.84 years ago

Autumn Cardinal Lansing, MI 1.84 years ago

Julia Eriks Seattle, WA 1.84 years ago

I have a creative, comforting spirit who loves to appreciate beauty in all of its forms. Please join me in art classes at...

Mary Cregan Cleveland, OH 1.84 years ago

Fine artist from Cleveland, OH. BFA from the University of Dayton (2018). Currently working mainly in oils.

Angela Rovanyak Cleveland, OH 1.84 years ago

Fred Bailey Grantham, NH 1.84 years ago

Fred Bailey has been doing Artwork for most of his life. In high school he was known as one of the best in the school. In...