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Juanita Dojczman Pembroke, ON 1.9 years ago

Juanita Dojczman is an experienced multi-media artist, specializing in watercolour. Her students praise her nurturing and...

Mozhdeh Beheshti Roseville, CA 1.91 years ago

Joseph Schibi Montgomery, AL 1.91 years ago

Abbie Jones Fairborn, OH 1.91 years ago

I attended Red Wall Art Studio classes for five years; an incredible facility located in Atlanta, Georgia. Since then I have...

Jacqueline Bonilla Arlington, TX 1.91 years ago

Kelly Tanner Port Byron, NY 1.91 years ago

Debbi Sholes 1.91 years ago

Recently I have worked through a long period of artistic block. My joy in painting has returned and I am eager to progress in...

Kelsey Patterson Indianapolis, IN 1.91 years ago

Pablo Picasso once said “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” Adopting Picasso’s quote as a life lesson,...

Alanna Vanderbaan Guelph, ON 1.91 years ago

OCAD University grad, 2018. Specialized in digital painting and animation, but I also have a strong background in pencil, ink,...

Megan Green Wasilla, AK 1.91 years ago