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Brenda Campbell Irricana, AB 1.96 years ago

Brenda is a graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD) in Alberta. She has been very active in forming several...

Gretel Kedley Rochester, NY 1.97 years ago

Mikkie Mills 1.97 years ago

Mikkie is an art and DIY enthusiast who spends her free time working on new creations that her family and friends can enjoy.

Jordan Felix Alhambra, CA 1.97 years ago

Julia Griffin Bladensburg, MD 1.98 years ago

Beth Stokes Palmer, Ak 1.98 years ago

LeVon Lee Addison, IL 1.99 years ago

I am cooool. Hello, my name is LeVon (la-von). All I can say right now is i'm excited to see how this all works out;...

William Matthews III Matteson, IL 1.99 years ago

BFA SAIC '15 (PAINTING/DRAWING) Published artist, writer, musician, art production assistant, actor

Gursen Joseph Chantilly, VA - Virginia 1.99 years ago

Paige Bravin Melville, NY 1.99 years ago

Writer and artist, I enjoy connecting with other creative individuals.