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Sherry Remillard Portland, OR 3.36 years ago

I am a largely self-taught artist located in the Portland, Oregon area. I have dabbled in painting and drawing for a long time...

Cassy Draws 3.36 years ago

Wildlife & Pet Portrait Artist, from Canada. Specializing in Acrylic. Chartpak Artist Ambassador.

Patricia Nelson Bronx, NY 3.5 years ago

Karen Guichelaar Hamilton, ON 3.85 years ago

Todd Hollfelder Milwaukee, WI 3.87 years ago

I have been, primarily, an illustrator/cartoonist since I was very young. During the early part of my adult years, art had to...

fen harry 3.9 years ago

Till death, we do art.

Carmen MacDonald Los Angeles, CA 3.91 years ago