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Georgia Steel

UserName: thecrabbylion City: Stratford State: ON Followers: (0)
I grew up in an artistic household. That environment formed me into a multi-disciplinary artist from an early age as I have been unable to confine my expressions to a single medium. I work in oil, watercolors, mixed media, pencil, pastel, spray paint, airbrush, sculpture, stained glass, costume design, prop making, makeup, special FX, music, performance, and the written word. I also enjoy photography, & digital art. I work in all size formats from small acrylics and watercolors to large scenic work and murals. I see art and beauty everywhere, all the time. I have formal training in vocal jazz music from the renowned Humber College Jazz Music Program in Toronto, Canada. I have studied Theatre Arts extensively as well. My visual art training comes mostly from literally a bazillion courses and workshops since childhood, but I would say I'm mainly self-taught since I have always had a passion for learning. I love exploration, experimentation, and adventure. Mainly, I love creating and the more I learn, the more I want to learn. At this point, I am also teaching. I teach both painting and makeup artistry for organizations that have invited me to do so. I have also owned and run an event company that provides artistic and theatrical services for corporate events for over 30 years. I represent artists of all kinds both in visual arts and performing arts. My current goals involve becoming a ‘Selling Artist’ with regard to my paintings. I have canvases and other works that are filling up my art studio, and I need to get all this crap out of here; kidding. My paintings are like my children. However, even children gotta get out and find their own way eventually. So out they go! However, since I am new to the process of selling artwork in this fashion, I’ve observed that it’s a very different world from the world of ‘events’ (a world I understand thoroughly). The world of visual artists and selling artists is new to me. So that’s why I’m here. I’m hoping to learn how to navigate this strange new world. So, thanks for stopping by & I’m looking forward to exploring this new community of artists. I do love hanging out with kindred spirits.