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Leo Dustin Guelph, ON 1.12 years ago

Lorna Riley Vista, CA 1.13 years ago

I'm recently retired and have gone full on into watercolor. I'm trying everything now to find my artistic "voice," but really...

Tori Lopez Vancouver, WA 1.13 years ago

Hobby artist that occasionally sells her wears to friends and family.

Kathryn Troy Magnolia, TX 1.15 years ago

Shellise Berry 1.24 years ago

In August of 2012, Shellise taught herself to paint with acrylics by following the steps in a book. The process relies on...

Becky Campbell Indianapolis, IN 1.26 years ago

Acrylic, oil, watercolor, charcoal, pen&ink

Aleena Oscar Abbott, TX 1.28 years ago

Hi, I am Aleena Oscar the marketing Executive at I have been working for for more than two years....

Sue park 1.28 years ago