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Thalo Jukebox July: Curating your playlist!

For Thalo's Jukebox July, there are a number of ways an artist can participate! If you want to know more about the goal of Jukebox July, be sure to check out last week's announcement here

How to participate in Jukebox July? Three Ways: 

1.) Make your own playlist

You can make your own playlist of songs to inspire you, and make one piece of art a day based on your playlist! 

2.) Use the official 30 Day Song Promt List

Use the official #thalojukeboxjuly 30 song challenge playlist!You can see it on our social media, or use the list below: 

30 Day Song Challenge

Day One: The first song you remember

Day Two: A song that helps you fall asleep

Day Three: A song that only you seem to know about

Day Four: A song that goes well with fireworks

Day Five: A song that makes you feel brave

Day Six: A song that makes you cry

Day Seven: A song you start your workout with

Day Eight: A song from a band you’ve seen in concert

Day Nine: A song that taught you something new

Day Ten: A song from a band/artist you’ve seen at a show

Day Eleven: A song that people would be surprised you love

Day Twelve: A song that you think is better when it’s played live

Day Thirteen: A song from a band you discovered by accident

Day Fourteen: A song from a band that you are friends with

Day Fifteen: A song from a recording studio/producer you know

Day Sixteen: A cover of a song that you think is better than the original

Day Seventeen: A song you chose randomly on your playlist

Day Eighteen: The last song you danced to at a party

Day Nineteen: Your first choice jukebox selection

Day Twenty: A song that people associate with you

Day Twenty-One: A song that reminds you of Summer

Day Twenty-Two: A song you play at the beach

Day Twenty-Three: A song that you can do karaoke to

Day Twenty-Four: A song that you and a friend have a connection to

Day Twenty-Five: A song from an independent artist you love

Day Twenty-Six: A song you listen to for comfort

Day Twenty-Seven: A song that’s as old as you are

Day Twenty-Eight: A song that helps you concentrate

Day Twenty-Nine: A song that got you into a genre of music

Day Thirty: A song from the last album you bought


3.) Have your friends choose your songs! 

You can ask your friends to provide their favorite songs and use those as inspiration! 


How to post and contribute: 

You can make a picture and tag the musician, as well as #thalojukeboxjuly on social media! 

You can also share their music pages (bandcamp, reverbnation, website, spotify, etc.) so people can enjoy their music and support them. 

You can also simply share music you love! You can of course make your list using any music you like, but be sure to include musicians that are independent and may not have a million followers. All big artists start small, and Jukebox July hopes to help new artists get a shot in the spotlight! 


Have any questions? Let us know in the comments and we'll help out as best as we can!