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Summer Art Challenge: Thalo Jukebox July

Thalo presents: Jukebox July 30 Song Challenge!

Jukebox July:
With the postponement of many major music festivals happening in 2020, thalo thought it would be a great opportunity to help celebrate our favorite artists and musicians with “Jukebox July”, a month-long art challenge!


How to participate:

1)      Make your Jukebox July Playlist:  Choose one song for every day of the month of July. You can curate your favorites, or put on a random Spotify Playlist, or use the “30 Day Song Challenge” on Social Media!


2)      Go live and Create:

Create one piece of art based on that song! Any medium goes, whether it’s painting, drawing, mixed media or anything in between. Let the music inspire you! You can even go live and create your drawing so others can see and listen in real time!


3)      Post, Tag and Tell:

Share your art, music and stories on social media! Be sure to not only tag #thalojukeboxjuly but also tag the artist whose music inspired you to create! That way, your friends and followers will not only get to know you better, but will be able to check out the music you love!  


4)      Listen:

By the end of July, you’ll have a visual playlist that people can listen to and use to help support your favorite artists, both visually and sonically! We hope you join in the fun, and have your own personal music festival at your very own art station.


Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or ideas! We are looking forward to having artists helping artists and filling our summer months with great music. 

Stay tuned to for more details and materials!