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Should You Go for Cheap Canvas Prints?


When it comes to having our photos printed, it is natural that we would want the best quality work available. However, if we are on a shoestring budget we may have to look for cheap canvas prints. There are a number of things that may come to mind when we go for cheaply priced services. Some of the main questions to consider are the quality of the work, the efficiency of the services offered, their delivery and shipping, whether there are any hidden costs, how well the company is established, and the existence of excellent testimonials, etc. Following is an overview of cheap canvas prints and what is involved when choosing them.

If you are buying a canvas directly from a canvas factory, you will save a lot of money. However, it is too much of a hassle buying a canvas and then sending it to a printing company to have your photo printed on it. Most companies already have a deal with canvas companies whereby they are provided with canvasses at really low rates. This can push down the cost of the canvas print to almost 50%.

Shipping costs can be huge. Many companies will offer you a flat shipping rate whether you order a single print or multiple prints. For example, if a company is offering a $15 flat rate for shipping prints you could order five prints and the shipping cost is still only going to be $15. That is a really good deal.

When ordering goods, we often wonder if the package will be delivered in a reasonable time, especially if the company is giving large discounts on their services. Well, normally these businesses will send you your package in the time frame they have mentioned. The world runs on trust and no one wants to lose their client's trust if they want to stay in business.

Yet another worry is whether or not these are of good quality. While the company may be giving good discounts, colors may be disappointing and the canvas may lack texture. However, the quality is usually satisfactory. Discounts are given only to build a good customer base. Once there is a loyal following, prices may increase, but that is at the discretion of the company.

If you are ordering from a company outside your country, you must add about 3% to your total bill, although customs tax for import varies from country to country. Just make sure that you have ordered stretched canvas and not the regular type.

You will love its style and appearance. How about going for something different? Split canvas prints are becoming very fashionable. They can cover an entire wall beautifully. You can split traditional photos or perhaps something contemporary - the vast array of possibilities is endless. With canvas you can tell your story. And don't worry - cheap canvas prints are just as good as any other.

Are you looking to get your printed on canvas? Then you can choose the cheap canvas prints [] for quality work. We offer one of the best canvas printing in the industry.

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