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How many kinds of watercolor paints?

By -  jerryailily

For the watercolor painting beginners, to choose the right painting material is the first step to start learning. Here introduce the watercolor paints which can be easily purchased in the painting material shop. To distinguish from the large category, watercolor paints can be mainly divided into transparent and opaque watercolor paints.    

Whether transparent or opaque watercolor paints, the basic composition of oil paints, Chinese painting pigments and painting materials is almost the same. It is common to name the paints according to different glue agents or pigment quantity and quality. "Paint" is the basic color particle of painting tools, which is formed by the mineral crushing, grinding into fine particles. The adhesive agent for these substances (agent) kneading is formed for painting pigments together. "Solvent" is for relaxation and extension of cementing agent, making it become the easy coating material. So as the solvent, there is one of the basic conditions that are not to completely evaporate. The solvent should be chosen according to the cementing agent, not all solvents and cementing agent can be used in conjunction with. Here we want to master the characteristics of all kinds of paints.    

One, transparent watercolor paints    

The biggest characteristic of transparent watercolor paints is the high transparency. When the color overlays, the deeper color appears with rich layering. Do not use the white transparent watercolor paints, but to create based on all the supporting materials (watercolor paper). Although there are few color pigments, a dozen colors in the average. But the mixed colors can meet any sketch. In addition, even if the name of the color is the same, the color also has the difference (soil pigments made of special soil have different colors if the producing area is different). Therefore through modified pigment, or mixed with a variety of colors to deploy the new colors is a kind of pleasure. Transparent watercolor paints are mainly divided into the tubes of paint box stem block and solid watercolor paints. The pigments of tubes of paints are tiny, giving people the feeling of more expensive. But the tube pigments are diluted in water and the use takes a relatively long time. Dry bulk solid watercolor paint is very suitable for travel use. Even if it is just looking at these rich and bright colors, we also can not help excitement.    

Two, opaque watercolor paints    

Gouache paints with high cover rate (covering ability of hiding the underlying color) oil-like messiness are very conducive to color. Propylene pigment is water-soluble, but as long as the colored layer is dry, it loses water soluble. Even if the painting color layer is thick, it will not crack off. It is necessary to put the brush and palette in the wet towelComputer Technology Articles, preventing them from getting dry.    


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