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Final Draft Lowers Prices Until Mid-September

By Jeremiah Hall (doddleNEWS)

Final Draft has lowered pricing on their products, including full versions and educational versions of their screenwriting software, until September 12, 2014. Final Draft says this is their "biggest and last sale of the year."

A new license of their desktop version of Final Draft 9 is on sale for $169, Mac or PC. This is down from the regular price of $249.00. Final Draft 9 for the Educational market is on sale for $99.00 for Mac or PC, down from $129.00. The upgrade from a previous version of Final Draft to Final Draft 9, either Mac or PC, is $69.00. The Final Draft App on the iTunes App store is currently $19.99.

For our review of Final Draft 9, click here, and to read our?review of the Final Draft Writer iPad app, click here.

Final Draft 9 offers a variety of improvements over previous versions of Final Draft. These include watermarking for print as well as for .pdf; a Character Navigator; a ScriptNotes Navigator; character highlighting; a thesaurus in the contextual menu; the inclusion of non-speaking characters in your Cast List and Character Report; an enhanced Revision Mode; and filtering of ScriptNotes. Mac users also get to use OS X's Dictation feature.

One interesting improvement is a new licensing system. Final Draft calls the new system “more robust and secure,” and says it is “tolerant of OS upgrades, hard drive replacement, and more.” Windows users will find a an updated UI available, called the "ribbon" user interface. Writers can also switch back to the “classic” look if they don’t like ribbon. Mac writers will see improved menus and buttons, as well as support for Retina displays and a Fullscreen mode.

Final Draft in Ribbon View on a PC.

Final Draft 9 includes the following templates: BBC Screenplay; Broadway Musical; Dramatists Guild Modern Stageplay; Dramatists Guild Musical; Dramatists Guild Traditional Screenplay; Index Card for Outlining; Screenplay (Cole and Haag); Screenplay (Warner Brothers); Screenplay 135 StoryStructure; Screenplay; Stageplay; U.S. Screenplay (French); U.S. Screenplay (German); U.S. Screenplay (Spanish); Manuscript; Novel; Outline; Query Letter; Text Document; Treatment; BBC Screenplay for TV; BBC Taped Sitcom; BBC Three-Camera Show; Half-Hour Sitcom; One-Hour TV Drama; Dark Horse Graphic Novel; Graphic Novel; Image Comics Graphic Novel; and Plot Outline. More templates are available on Final Draft’s website for registered users.

Final Draft 9 requires Mac OS X 10.7 or higher for Macs. Windows-users need at least Windows XP.

Check it out at Final Draft’s website!

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