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Shane Hurlbut Takes His Act On The Road

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

With the success of Vince LaForet’s Directing Motion Tour, it looks like more filmmakers are poised to get into the game and take their act on the road. Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, ASC, for instance, is set to start his own tour, where he’ll seek?to teach budding filmmakers the art and science of lighting, and it’s bound to be most illuminating.


I love to walk on the set and see it all come alive … the adding of one light, and then the magic starts as you start to build and accent … – Shane Hurlbut

Yeah, I know, ‘punny.’ I couldn’t help it. But it’s rather true when you consider the title of Hurlbut’s lighting tour … the Illumination Experience. For Shane, who has on his resume such trailblazing films as Act of Valor, Need for Speed, Terminator Salvation, and We Are Marshall,?where you place your lights is as much an artistic statement as the digital emulsion you choose to image your film.

And he plans to show users how to light, where to light, and what to light with. “I’m not only a cinematographer, I’m also an educator,” Hurlbut says. “The Illumination Experience is all about understanding the quantity, the quality, and the art of placing your lights. Light placement is everything.”

Shane is going to take filmmakers through his process, how he lights, and how filmmakers can use very simple techniques and modest tools to make their films look like a $100 million movie. He’ll lay out the fundamentals, take users through the kinds of lights that Hollywood currently uses, and how they can be positioned to paint an image with light much like a master painter takes brush to canvas.

“Challenge yourself to create artistry outside your normal?comfort zone. Taking risks often yields creative breakthroughs …”

There will be two tracks ….the basic Illumination Workshop and the more advanced, Experience Master Class. “At The Illumination Workshop, I will teach you how to design, develop, enhance, and implement the storytelling process with lighting and camera,” Shane says. Shane will teach users how to determine which qualities of light to implement for any scene through script analysis, storyboard preparation, lighting schematics, and shot lists.

For the Experience Master Class, users will study various films from Hurlbut’s quiver, including Swing Vote and Crazy/Beautiful, then users will receive hands on instruction with lighting techniques from these films by reenacting the lighting through not only professional grade equipment, but Shane will also show users how to get a similar result through DIY options.

Filmmakers will also be able to act as the Director of Photography on set, while Shane observes and mentors you and your lighting technique. Users will receieve Shane’s lighting playbook, tools, and learn techniques that will allow a budding DP to hit the ground running.

The 25 city tour will run from September 14 to November 15 and will go all around North America, from Los Angeles to New York, Toronto to Austin, Tx. All many points in between. Here’s the complete breakdown of the tour:

  • 9/14 – Irvine, CA
  • 9/16 – Phoenix, AZ
  • 9/18 – Austin, TX
  • 9/20 – Dallas, TX
  • 9/23 – Atlanta, GA
  • 9/25 – Orlando, FL
  • 9/27 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • 9/30 – Charlotte, NC
  • 10/02 – Philadelphia, PA
  • 10/04 – Washington, DC
  • 10/07 – Detroit, MI
  • 10/09 – Boston, MA
  • 10/11 – New York/New Jersey
  • 10/14 – Toronto, ONT CAN
  • 10/18 – Chicago, IL
  • 10/21 – Minneapolis, MN
  • 10/25 – Seattle, WA
  • 10/28 – Vancouver, BC CAN
  • 10/30 – Portland,OR
  • 11/04 – Denver, CO
  • 11/06 – Salt Lake City, UT
  • 11/08 – San Francisco, CA
  • 11/11 – Sacramento, CA
  • 11/13 – San Jose, CA
  • 11/15 – Los Angeles, CA

Those in attendance for the basic workshop will also be able to participate as part of the “crew,” by secure crew seats and gain some practical experience in the art of gaffing on set from a master of light. Users will also receive a four month subscription to Shane’s Inner Circle, a free ProPic account, a free pass to NAB 2015 in Las Vegas, and an HD download of the workshop to revisit the lessons they learn. Cost of the basic workshop is $349. Cost of the two-day Master Class is $1249.00 and includes both the Master Class and Workshop track.

And if you’re interested in the class but can’t make the tour, Shane is also offering the entire eleven hour course via HD Download for $449. To learn more, check out the Illumination Experience website at or at While you’re at Shane’s website, check out Shane’s Inner Circle, for less than $10 a month, it’s a great way to keep your film skills sharp, and learn a new trick or two.

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