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Shane Hurlbut Offers Inside Look at Cinematography

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

When it comes to cinemtography, Shane Hurlbut lives on the bleeding edge. Whether he’s evangelizing for the digital emulsion of today’s digital cinema cameras, or using them to make movies with live ammunition, or even testing out every single camera until the image breaks, Shane pushes the artform to what test pilots would call “the edge of the envelope.”

But he’s also very keen on sharing the knowledge and experience he gains with the rest of the world. And if you’re not a regular visitor to HurlBlog, you’re really missing out. And now, Shane is offering a new membership to “Shane’s Inner Circle,” which he hopes will provide “virtual mentoring” to emerging filmmakers looking for an experienced hand to take them under his wing.  

We live in exciting times. Never has there been such a content creation boom. And with it comes a thirst for knowledge, guidance, direction, virtual mentoring … this amazing resource gives you the why, along with the how … this is my commitment to you and your filmmaking journey. – Shane Hurlbut, announcing Shane’s Inner Circle

The cinematographer of such high profile films as Need for Speed, Terminator Salvation, and Act of Valor, has always been online showcasing not only what he does in his career, but also giving filmmakers like myself an inside peak so we can learn. But he’s never given us this kind of inside access. Shane’s Inner Circle is going to be showing daily updates from Shane as he works on the set, showing his daily challenges and problem solving so that members can learn, almost like they’re shadowing him.?It’s what Shane calls a “virtual mentorship.”

Many of you have voiced how my virtual mentorship has changed your life and that our current informational posts have helped shape you as a storyteller. This club is my commitment to help advance filmmaking knowledge globally. I think of it as being able to share the"Keys to My Castle."

On Set with Shane is going to not only provide set updates, but also visual aids, location pictures, links, and lighting schematics that you can use immediately for your own project. Shane is also going to provide?hat he calls “power posts” on his blog, which will offer tips and techniques on lighting, lens choice, composition, camera blocking, and exposure.

Power posts will take you deeper, providing testing, audio commentary, and a look behind why Shane makes the choices he does on set.?Shane will also have an exclusive monthly podcast, where he will answer questions and provide solutions to any challenges that filmmakers are facing as they bring their projects to fruition. And it can be anything from technical questions to career advice, and just about anything in between.

Shane will also provide tools including camera profiles from films like Act of Valor and over 150 commercials that he’s shot, as well as 16 LUTs that will be able to help “transform your DSLR into a cinematic machine,” and to get better at using higher performing platforms, like the Canon Cinema cameras and the 4K 1DC DSLR. He even has profiles for SmallHD monitors. All for members use.

Shane is always testing, as well, and he’s going to provide the raw data from his camera tests, lighting tests, and information that will teach you to light dramatically and effectively. But before you hit the ground running, Shane is going to make sure you have a firm grasp of the fundamentals of lighting as well, and teach you the reasons why you light the way you need to.

And what’s this going to cost? Here’s the best part. Shane’s going to give you all that for under $8 a month (a $90 a month value). No kidding. That’s cheaper than a Netflix membership. And much more beneficial too. Why so low? According to Lydia Hurlbut, the membership is being sponsored by Blackmagic, Canon, SmallHD, Tiffen, Freefly, and others, which are helping to deliver it for a minimal price.

“Our sponsors are allowing filmmakers around the world to take advantage of this program,” Lydia says. So, it’s like having a master class in cinematography from running and gunning 101 to graduation, and you get to do it all on a virtual dime. ?The Inner Circle meets starting August 6th. And you can sign up right here. And if you want to get a taste of Shane’s energy, check out our interviews with Shane on of doddleTALK Tech here and here.

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