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Steven Lester

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I have been a professional artist, illustrator and Creative Director for nearly three decades. I I cultivated my love for drawing and painting early on and developed a dynamic style I call ‘representational expressionism’. My personal style is not a creative whim. It has been intentionally developed to be a loose, interpretive method that allows me to interpret the emotion and movement of the moment. What’s my objective? To create art that engages the human heart and challenges the spirit… to hone my craft in such a way as to resonate on an emotional, visceral level. My tools of trade come in many forms. They are the aggregate of my experiences—the storehouse of a lifetime of insatiable curiosity. Traditional and digital and a generous blend of the two. I find unconventional connections between ideas and repeatedly traverse from the left to the right side of my brain over the course of a creative endeavor. I want to persuade through a compelling point of view; to tell a good story. My tools are my ability to wield the emotional force of color and scale, and to unleash the power of dynamic tension. I see with my heart and I draw with my hands, but I always, always, always, have an idea. And a commitment to never stop learning and to never ever stop growing. From Russia to India to Africa I have created art and garnered more than 100 local, national and international awards.