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Kathleen Roling

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Kathleen is an accomplished, professional fine artist that has traveled all over the world displaying her creativity. Kathleen is known for her unique skill in 3D anamorphic chalk illusion performance at public festivals all over the United states. But she is also a passionate teacher, using fine art to spark young minds and engage with learning new subjects. Kathleen’s Art Teaching Experience: 1. Pinot's Palette Art Instructor (both kids and adults) 2. Volunteer Home school Art Instructor 3. Cattelle Elementary Resident Artist (taught Art classes 3rd-5th grade that tied into class curriculum) 4. Creative Culture Ministries (founded a ministry teaching kids art classes and bible lessons) 5. Creative Base Camp (hosted/created an art camp for refugee kids to teach art techniques and bible lessons) 6. After School Arts Program teaching art classes at various schools in the Des Moines area. 7. Trained through the government “Turn Around Arts” program workshop in Arts Integration Education. 8. Experience through Arts Integration residencies in the Des Moines Public Schools.