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Judy Vars

UserName: cabinfeverinalaska City: Wasilla State: AK Followers: (0)
As with all great notions it started with a daydream; move to Alaska and settle down in a cozy cabin next to a lake, with my beloved other, my pets and create ART to my heart’s contentment. I am fortunate to have realized that dream. Inspiration is everywhere so I strive to keep my heart, mind and spirit open to creative possibilities. I work in oils, encaustic wax (heated and fused beeswax), three dimensional mediums and found objects. After taking an encaustic wax workshop I fell in love with beeswax art. I have taught and demonstrated encaustic wax techniques to adults & children, anyone that wants to learn about this fascinating medium, I am always available to facilitate adults and youngsters in creating art. Because I believe art is essential to our happiness and can raise the consciousness of a community, I stay involved; lecturing about encaustics, teaching art to youngsters in remote villages, painting sets for community plays, participating in the Wearable Art Runway Show and Art on Fire, and participating in events like CROSSROADS THERE IS NO PLANET B an installation created to bring awareness to global warming and help facilitate a positive dialogue about the future of planet earth. My art can be found at: Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape only those who dream by night." Edgar Allan Poe