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Cecelia Sue Sill

UserName: suesill City: Mcallen State: TX Followers: (1)


My life has been guided by three passions – Nature, Art, and Travel – all of which are evident in my work. My most recent paintings are primarily portraits and figurative works in watercolor, inspired by years of living and traveling in Latin America. My botanical career and training are represented by botanical and scientific illustrations in pen and ink. I am currently producing a series of acrylic paintings of the Rio Grande Valley flora and fauna. The main topic of these paintings are patches of prickly pear and the birds and other animals that live there. I also have done several acrylic paintings of palms. These paintings range from quite small up to canvases that are 24" by 48". The urge to paint and draw are an inate part of who I am. With money earned working after school, I bought my first set of oil paints when I was 15. Although I chose a career path that led to a PhD in Botany, followed by positions as Executive Director of Botanical Gardens and a Butterfly Park, I never let art slip out of my life. Instead, I taught myself to do botanical illustrations with pen and ink, illustrating my own writings, as well as publications of other scientists in the U.S. and Mexico. Producing scientifically accurate pen and ink drawings developed a keen eye for detail exhibited in my new works -- whether it be in the planes and crevices of the human face, or richly woven textiles worn by the indigenous people of Latin America.