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Stephanie Strugar

UserName: StephanieStrugar City: Winnipeg State: MB Followers: (5)


Stephanie is a certified body painting artist entertainer, certified Grumbacher Art Instructor, philanthropist, and an established RAW.organization artist with over 7 years experience in facilitating therapeutic fine arts programs for youth and adults. She has spearheaded several community projects across MB, and has designed cognitive development arts programming for adults with PTSD, developmental disabilities, as well as addictions. Her signature style incorporates the use of ultra violet and metallic colors to add a 3D bright colored effect to her acrylic paintings on canvass and wood. Her Professional background as a multi cultural Dance Choreographer and performer in Latin, ballroom, and hip hop gives her work and exotic and classy flare. Her portfolio includes multi cultural costume design & creation for her various productions.