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Lorna Harris

UserName: lornaharris214 City: Veradale State: WA Followers: (1)


My name is Lorna Harris (as I'm sure you have gathered) and I am a passionate, dedicated, and hopeful designer, communicator, and artist! I am currently the Art Instructor at the North Division Michaels in Spokane, WA. I also do commissions for both painting, drawing, and design on the side. I have been described by those around me as patient, resilient, and understanding. It is my goal to motivate and inspire my friends, family, and just about anyone! Something that I am super open about and completely dedicated to raising awareness for is that I am an Epileptic! I have a Vagus Nerve Simulator (VNS) implanted and am still struggling with uncontrolled seizures. I am not qualified to get brain surgery as my seizures happen in most areas of my brain, which means I have multiple types and have them quite frequently. This is where the resilience comes in! Feel free to ask!