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lisalee roland

UserName: lisaroland City: West Long Branch State: NJ Followers: (2)


My name is Lisa and I love art!! From as far back as I can remember, I have grown up with art in my life. Whether it be learning how to draw or paint, or using various media to color in pre-printed designs, art provides ways to fill your spare time with something fun and challenging, to let you see things in a different light, (literally), to feel better while going through tough times, and express yourself in ways you might never have imagined. For 6 years I owned and operated my own art studio in Ocean Township where I taught acrylic painting, drawing, cartooning and ceramics. I fell in love the voice it gave to those who otherwise could not communicate. And I respected the power it offered to heal. Using art to work with special needs children and those on the autism spectrum, I witnessed first hand its power when seeing some be heard for the first time. To be able to use art to its fullest, I went back to school to get my Master's in Mental Health Therapy however I never learned as much about helping people feel good about his/herself as I have when teaching art to others. Art builds self-confidence, instills self-esteem, feels good and allows people feel good about his/herself. It is an outlet for expression or just a fun past time to gather with friends and those with a common interest. I hope to see you in some of my Grumbacher inspired classes where I will help you to have the Grummiest time possible. I have taught art for over 6 years professionally to people of all ages. I have over 8 years of experience working with special education and children and can have anyone who claims they cannot draw stick figures painting and taking home a piece to be proud of in as little as two hours time. I look forward to hearing from you and hearing what it is you would like to learn or the reasons you are looking to have more art be in your life.