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Ulmar Greg Palacio

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My name is Ulmar Greg Palacio but I'm referred to as Greg. I've always been intrigued by art since I was a child living in the Caribbean. My parents recognized my talent early but my mom went above and beyond by bringing scrap paper home for me, since she was a teacher. At Sacred Heart elementary school I was discovered as an artist. So, I was sent around Christmas time to different classrooms to draw religious themes in the corner of blackboards with colour chalk. When I migrated to America at the tender age of 13 again my talent was high lighted and was advised by the librarian to enter a book writing & illustrating contest which was my first win. My talent was nurtured throughout junior high and high school. I decided to pursue an art career in college and earned a BA degree in Game Art Design. However, my first love is oil painting and I dabble in acrylics. I've won several awards and exhibited for the government of Belize plus throughout the U.S. I'm now fortunate to teach art so I'm living my dream!