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UserName: diannemeinke City: Madison Heights State: VA Followers: (1)


13x Grammy Nominated, multi-platinum Singer/Songwriter distributed by UVI Media, Artist and owner of RockArt Collection ™; 3D Animator, 2D Animator, Sketch & Branding artist & Painter. . . . Artist Statement: As a direct decedent of well known Neo-Impressionist Maximilian and Impressionist Frederick Luce on my fathers side of the family, I like many of the Luce family inherited the inescapable craving to create. In the independent art world I am seen as versatile artist which captures the hearts of my fans worldwide with a sincere and genuine Acoustic Pop style, animation characters, art and child-like message of love and happiness What I love and excites me most about painting is working with light and how their reflective qualities create shadows, shapes and colors on certain people and animals. From darkness or a black canvas, when the shapes are assembled the finished piece although quite abstract is unmistakably the spirit and likeness of the subject. As both a Visual and Musical artist I am thrilled to be able to include in my accomplishments the fact that for seven years I was the branding artist for Jimi "Hendrix Original Art Expressions" working hands on - directly with the largest collection of Jimi Hendrix's "original" fine art.