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Carolyn Shoemaker

UserName: cshoemo City: Waterford State: MI Followers: (9)


My name is Carolyn, I am an Artist/Graphic Designer, working and living in Waterford, Michigan. My love for art started at a very early age. As a little girl I was always creating, drawing and making cards. I always knew art would figure prominently in my life, professionally and personally. I studied at the College For Creative Studies in Detroit, where I earned my BA in Graphic Communications. I am an established professional graphic designer, and recently made a switch in priorities from a full time Graphic Designer to full time Fine Artist/ part time Graphic Designer. It has been so rewarding to focus more on fine art. Acrylics are my medium of choice, and my subject matter changes from day to day, from vibrant abstracts to realistic landscapes, florals, and portraits. I enjoy experimenting with color and techniques and enjoying every moment. I am inspired by so many artists, such as, Vincent Van Gogh, Jackson Pollack, Mark Rothko, Andy Warhol and so many more. The love and support from my family and friends has been a huge influence in my success moving forward with my art.