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Aryn Lill

UserName: ArynLill City: Minneapolis State: MN Followers: (7)


Aryn is a freelance illustrator and fine art teacher specializing in designs inspired by nature, culture, and music. Born in the fabulous year of 1983, Aryn grew up in rural Minnesota and immediately fell in love with the forest, the beautiful lakes, the sounds of the birds, and the private trails in her backyard. From a young age she had a love of drawing, and most of her childhood memories are reminiscent of that sweet escape. With an enormous curiosity for life outside of her small town, she moved to Southern California at the age of 20, and immediately began exploring. She dove right in to her new surroundings--from surfing the waves, to hiking the mountains, to working in San Diego's Old Town. In 2005, she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. With a degree in Fashion Design, she fine tuned her figure drawing skills and fell in love with the human body. After college, she began teaching fine art in a local Chinese community. Her work became her passion, and after 10 years of teaching fine art to all ages, she is now back in Minnesota and owns her own business--The Blue Fox--teaching locally around the Twin Cities. Aryn spends her free time creating music and sweet, sweet beats. She fell in love with drumming at the age of 16, studied music composition in Los Angeles, and began performing with friends in 2007. Currently, she writes and performs as Foxfire, with her soulmate, Andrew Diemand. Nature, music, and various cultures are just some of her creative muses that are clearly reflected in her illustrations and paintings. Some of her deepest influences include the lovely goddess illustrations of Alfonse Mucha, the soft and subtle swirls of Vincent van Gogh, and the erotic, sensual style of Gustav Klimt. Artist Portfolio is available online at