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Freddie Wong Partners with Lionsgate

YouTube phenom Freddie Wong, and his Rocketjump Studios, signed an exclusive deal with Lionsgate Pictures for television, film, and digital content. The multi-year “alliance” will give Wong and RocketJump marketing, studio, and financial resources, while Lionsgate gets access to RocketJump’s 6.8 million subscribers.

“This partnership unites two entrepreneurial companies with similar cultures and a shared commitment to build new models for creating and delivering content to the next generation of audiences. Freddie Wong is one of digital media’s most prolific and visionary creators, and RocketJump is a bold and innovative platform that expands the breadth and diversity of content we bring to our audiences and extends our storytelling abilities in exciting new directions.” – Lionsgate Chief Executive Officer Jon Feltheimer

The deal was actually sealed back in April, but Wong announced it on his YouTube Channel yesterday as part of his 4th anniversary on the streaming portal, which also celebrated his 1 billionth view.

Wong also announced that the principal photography on the 3rd and final season of Video Game High School had wrapped and that they were deep into editing and post-production. “It was far and away the most challenging shoot we’ve ever done,” Wong said about VGHS, “we had more locations, bigger cast, greater stunts, more action and all within a long format, episodic narrative.”

The final six episode season is looking to premiere this Fall, leaving Wong to focus on RocketJump’s new direction, which will consist of less short form videos on YouTube.  “We realistically can’t do shorts that we are happy with, and do larger projects at the same time,” said Wong. “At this point, it’s starting to hold us back from doing anything else and that’s been hindering us as filmmakers, and it’s time to move past that.

“Our partnership means that for the first time ever, we have the freedom to pursue tv-length series and feature-length projects based on what we want to make, and not what we need to make just so we can afford rent.”

But Wong assures his fans that shorts will continue, but just less frequently. This will give them time to focus on long form projects through Lionsgate.

“Lionsgate stood out as the one studio that really gets our brand and will give us the freedom to flourish as digital content creators and distributors,” said Wong, “… our meetings with Lionsgate’s creative team convinced us that this is the right move for RocketJump and our millions of fans.” Wong adds that his deal with Lionsgate will allow for more TV and Feature projects without having to worry about financing or deal with crowdfunding campaigns.

And next on the docket is an anthology show along the lines of The Twilight Zone, with familiar faces from VGHS.  Wong also plans an educational initiative called “RocketJump Film School,” that will teach many of his fans how to follow in his foot steps. So it sounds like Freddie has one foot into old school Hollywood, while he hopes to keep the other foot where he can still interact with his fans. The best of both worlds. And that’s a rarity.

Photo courtesy of DoddleNews