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Color, Facture, Art And Design

Color, Facture, Art and Design is a book by one of thalo’s writers, Iona Singh. You can find it on shelves this October.

The question of what art actually is has puzzled humanity for a long time. Color, Facture, Art and Design contributes to the theory of the aesthetic level by reducing art down to its fundamental components; the art materials and techniques of construction and the affects these elements have on the eyes, bodies and minds of the viewers. These basic foundations, conceptual building blocks, are then reduced further to explore the intricacies of color sense perception and its relationship to disciplines beyond art. Links to philosophy, physiology, linguistics and psychoanalysis enables fresh understanding and even predictions for art, design and architecture. The book includes an in-depth study of artworks by Uccello, Vermeer, Turner and Yves Klein and their artistic contribution to cultural life both now and in the future.

Color, Facture, Art and Design by Iona Singh

Published by Zero Books October 2012

Available on

Photo 1 - Book Cover courtesy of Iona Singh

Photo 2 -The Milkmaid by Jan Vermeer ©Wikimedia Creative Commons

Photo 3 -Tatlin's Tower ©Wikimedia Creative Commons