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Thalotober Artist Series: Amanda Putnam

Thalotober's Artist Article Series: 

Amanda Putnam

Amanda Putnam-Palmer - @aputnam_illusatration

Another round of inktober commences! How the time has flown, and how, this year in particular, has turned into a year of many things! This year has been a roller coaster ride for all and on so many levels. But as a creative, I’m glad that I have an outlet for myself that then brings joy to others.


Going into inktober this year is going to be a challenge for me. With this year bringing lots of new directions my in life, with lots of moving and changing parts, I look to this year’s inktober with a less stressful perspective. I know the goal is to create something everyday based on whatever prompt one chooses. But for me, I chose to take things day by day this year. Unlike last year, where I had the majority of my ideas drawn and ready to be inked, I did not have the time or energy to do that beforehand. Instead of comparing what was, I look to myself with kindness on that subject. If there is one thing I’ve learned (amongst the many things I have taken from this year alone), is to be kinder to yourself in your situations in life.


Amanda Putnam-Palmer - @aputnam_illusatration


Therefore, as I work on this year’s inktober, if an idea doesn’t come to me for that day, then I won’t work on it. Inspiration is a beautiful thing but sometimes it just can’t be forced. Inspiration is meant to build and flow in your mind, allowing for the purity of the idea to come to fruition. With everything going on in the world today, and in my world personally, I need to be patient with my Inspirational Muse because she deserves my purest of intentions to listen to her. Yet, if she is not able or does not want to speak, I won’t force that pressure on her (and, in some ways, on myself).


So if there is any advice I would give to those who are finding themselves in any kind of negative spiral of sorts when it comes to this year’s inktober it’s this:


Be kind to yourself, you are still trying and that is more than enough.


Amanda Putnam-Palmer - @aputnam_illusatration


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