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Art Journal January 2019: A Cheat Sheet

Art Journal January 2019 - Cheat Sheet!

If you are just finding out, we are once again venturing into a creative New Year through Art Journal January! You can see the below links for reference:

Art Journal January is all about creating a space for you to brainstorm your artistic ideas to inform your personal art practice. No matter where you are in your creative journey, keeping a journal can become your own reference book of ideas that you can visit when you need some inspiration. But just in case you need a place to start or are feeling stuck in your Art Journal January journey, here are 31 day-to-day suggestions to get your creative energy flowing!


1.            Make a piece of work based off your favorite song!

2.            Draw your self-portrait with your non- dominant hand!

3.            Re-draw an old picture from your portfolio!

4.            What will you wear on the last day of 2019?

5.            Make a drawing using only one color!

6.            What do you look like when you are sleeping?

7.            Fill an entire page with concept sketches of a single flower!

8.            What is a place you would like to visit this year?

9.            Design your own band’s logo and first album cover!

10.          Create an adventurer’s backpack and draw its contents!

11.          Can you make an illustration using regular household items?

12.          Draw a still life object and turn it into a tiny home!

13.          What does your ideal breakfast look like?

14.          January 14th is National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Appreciation day!

15.          Can you make a piece of work using tape in today’s entry?

16.          Create something on a surface you’ve never used before!

17.          Can you use a hole punch to draw in your journal?

18.          Write a poem/haiku and illustrate it!

19.          What objects create your favorite smells?

20.          Illustrate a randomly selected page from your favorite book!

21.          What would the world’s most disgusting cake look like?

22.          Pause and draw a randomly selected movie/video at three minutes in!

23.          What would a bizarre tiara look like?

24.          Create your own #meettheartist entry!

25.          Illustrate your favorite/most remembered dream/nightmare!

26.          Create the perfect tavern or building you would like to visit!

27.          If you had to communicate the word “hello” with an image?

28.          Design your very own imaginary creature you wish to have as a pet!

29.          What would your favorite land animal look like if it lived in the sea?

30.          Make your very own hero or villain, complete with a backstory!

31.          Draw the first pair of shoes you remember wearing!


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