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The Return of Art Journal January!

It's that time of year again! 


Last year, we launched our own take on the initiative called "Art Journal January", where we wanted to encourage artists of every discpline to ring in the new year and first month of 2019 by developing their own art journal and using it to help fuel their productivity and creativity throughout the year. 


We published two articles on Art Journal January, both you can see here: 


Original Post on December 5th, 2017:


Follow-up Primer on Art Journaling on December 27th, 2017:


Both of these articles garnered a bit of attention and excitement! There were several people who contributed to the project, some even posting daily!


Our fellow artists at thalo used the opportunity to catalog and concentrate their projects, pulling sketches from their book throughout the year to further develop them into stronger pieces of artwork. 


Artwork by @bkartmerc


And now, with a New Year on the horizon, we wanted to do it again and we want to invite you all to do the same! 

How to participate: 

1.) Get a Journal! 

Whether it is a journal, notebook or sketchpad, acquire something you can use to start getting your ideas together! 


2.) Get creative!

Begin documenting your ideas, thoughts, sketches and projects you'd like to get done this year. Here are some questions to help get you started: 

- Do you have a drawing series you would like to get done? 

- Do you have a gallery or painting series you want to start or plan to get done? 

- Do you have ideas for new sketches? 

- What things do you want to do this year? 

- What do you want to get done, and by when? 


3.) Get to sharing! 

After posting and documenting your work, you can post it online for people to see. Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, Reddit, Twitter, whatever your preference. Be sure to use any of the following hashtags: #ArtJournalJanuary2019 #AJJ2019 #thaloArtJournalJanuary 

You can also tag our instagram handle @thaloart if you want to get featured! 



The Benefits

So what are some of the unseen benefits to participating in Art Journal January? 

- You can begin creating your own personal "Creative Calendar" for 2019! 

- Consolidate your creative ideas into one easy to reference book! 

- You can gauge interest in your project ideas and develop them as the year progresses.

- Experiment with new media, concepts and ideas! 

- Have fun in a productive and creative way. 

- Develop a creative routine to help work towards your productivity-based goals! 

- Share your work with potential clients, friends, and an expanding fanbase. 


We hope this sounds like an exciting opportunity, and feel free to let us know in the comments what you plan on working on or how you'd like to participate! 

Be sure to check out last year's articles (listed above) and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year with new work!