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Should You Go to Art School?

Most people believe that when it comes to pursuing a career, you must first get a degree. That may be true for fields like accounting or the health industry, but in the art world, it isn't always that clean cut. Here are some things to know if you're considering art school.

"Art school can give you the tools to succeed down the road."

It will get you focused
Art isn't a one-track field - There are plenty of mediums you can explore. While that is certainly a perk, for some people, that's what makes it so difficult to get focused. School can allow you to try out several different paths of the art world and find one that you love. In school, you're no longer on your own timeline. You are expected to make deadlines for projects, take exams and attend class. It can get you organized and give you the physical and metaphorical tools you need to succeed down the road.

You'll make connections
Networking starts in school. Every day you'll be interacting with professors and other students. It's the perfect atmosphere to build connections that can lead to future opportunities, which can be anything from an internship with a former teacher to a collaboration with a classmate.

It will cost you
An education costs money, and typically: the better the school, the more expensive the tuition. No one wants to bury themselves in debt, at any age. If you want to go to art school but don't have the funds, it's important to put in the work for scholarships, grants, etc. There are plenty of scholarships that can save you money. Do your research, and apply for them all. Also, don't limit yourself to one school. You might find that a private school in a small town may give you lower tuition. No piece of paper from a university is going to guarantee you a job down the road, so be smart and frugal now so you're not paying off loans your entire life.

It takes time
You can't just speed up an education. Getting a bachelors degree typically takes about four years. If you are considering art school, you must be ready to put the time and effort in, and you don't want to waste either of those things. 

What is your opinion on going to art school? Let us know in the comments!