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Marvel Announces Ant-Man Sequel, Plus Three More Films

Your superhero film dancing card has just got a little bit fuller as Marvel has announced plans for four more films. Only one of those movies has been announced and given a title which brings us to the littlest superhero that could, Ant-Man

The Paul Rudd starring film was a damn fun movie despite all the behind-the-scenes issues which included it’s original director, Edgar Wright, jumping ship. The end of the first film revealed a half-completed costume for Evangeline Lilly’s character which gives us our title for the second film: Ant Man and The Wasp

The new Ant-Man film has shifted several dates and is scheduled for July 6, 2018 which was Black Panther’s release date. Black Panther is being given an earlier release of February 16, 2018 while Captain Marvel is being pushed to March 8, 2019 from it’s November 2, 2018 date.

Three new untitled films have been announced for May 1, 2020, July 10, 2020, and November 6, 2020. It may be a while before we know which films are filling those dates but I expect that speculation has already begun. 

What this means is that Phase 3 should now be completely locked in. Marvel seems to be capable of producing three films per year but the Studio had only released dates for two films in 2019. By pushing Captain Marvel to March of that year, we now have a full slate of release dates up to 2020.

Looking over Marvel’s release schedule, I can guarantee one of those films will be a sequel to Spider-Man, because I doubt Sony will let them wait more than 3 years to make a follow up.

The other two films are a bit harder to pin down as Marvel likes to mix a new property in with it’s tried and true sequels. Both Doctor Strange 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 would be likely films to fill in that particular hole. I’m going to assume that James Gunn will want to take a break, and go off to do something else before coming back for a third Guardians - although I suspect it all depends on how well Doctor Strange does at the box office.

You’ll notice I’ve left out Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man. That’s because with Avengers: Infinity War, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth’s contracts will be complete, so who knows what Marvel plans with those characters. A final possibility is that no new property will be introduced in 2020 at all, and it will all be sequels. I could live with that, just fine.

Image: Dogsup/Deviant Art