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Genndy Tartakovsky Checks Out Of Hotel Transylvania 3, Explains Popeye

Genndy Tartakovsky has revealed he will not return to direct Hotel Transylvania 3 – although the animated franchise is certainly not closed for business.

The latest film, which was written by Robert Smigel and Adam Sandler, broke the record for biggest September openings, almost guaranteeing another installment.

However, Dexter’s Laboratory creator Tartakovsky confirmed to TheWrap he is keen to develop something new which isn't related to the successful franchise.

He said: “Hotel Transylvania 3 is going to happen without me. Two is enough. I have a lot of other ideas, and I kind of have to express them and have them come out.”

And the director also revealed that there were tension between himself and the pair of writers, one of whom, movie star Adam Sandler, is an influential figure within Hollywood.

Could this conflict have caused the Tartakovsky to walk away from the series?

He said: “Collaboration is great, but sometimes collaboration is hard. You see it one way, but Adam and Rob see it another way.

You have a lot of people with a lot of say and power and sometimes that makes it more difficult - we also re-did the story a bunch of times to get it right.”

The animator also spoke to, and discussed the possibility of turning Samurai Jack, one of his most popular shows on Cartoon Network, into a feature film.

He said: “I think through the years, after we finished Jack, almost every year it seems like Samurai Jack has gotten more and more popular and more and more people have seen it.

I feel like it’s culminating to a fever pitch almost. I feel like it’s time to maybe finish the story.

We’ve been trying to get the feature off the ground but maybe that’s just fate’s way of saying this is a television thing and maybe it should be a mini-series or something like that.”

Tartakovsky also confirmed to TheWrap that tensions within Sony Pictures forced him to walk away from the Popeye animated film.

He said: “We made a version that we were happy with, and the studio didn’t like that version. It’s still a mystery for me that they didn’t like that version.

They wanted to do Popeye for the brand recognition and I loved the character and grew up with it, so there was a tug of war.

They wanted it really updated, and I can only update it a little before it isn’t Popeye anymore.

To be truthful, it was in the middle of the Sony hack and the studio was really struggling. It was just really bad timing”

Hotel Transylvania 2 is now playing.

Image: Sony