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A Geek’s Reaction To The First Full X-Files Trailer

During the Gotham and Minority Report airings, Fox Television premiered a two part trailer for the upcomingThe X-Files event series. We had to sit on this for a bit, since Fox hadn't officially uploaded it, but they finally did, and here it is!

If you’ve been following the casting news, we knew that William B. Davis would be reprising his role as the Cigarette Smoking Man (shortened to CSM; although I remember a time he was referred to as Cancer Man).

The character died at the end of the original series but it seems like he’ll be back in flashbacks at least. I can only judge that based on the color timing of the final shot in this trailer where we see only a close up of a cigarette in a man’s hand and Davis’ voice. He did return in the new comic series, but we don't if that's canon or not.

In true X-Files form, it looks like the entire catalog of case files in the X-Files basement office have been taken away putting David Duchovny’s Mulder back to square one. From the expression on Gillian Anderson’s Scully’s face when he calls, it really does seem like the two have been separated for a while. I also like the touch of the pencils still being stuck to the ceiling tiles in the office.

Rewatching the The X-Files on Netflix has reminded me of how much I really enjoyed the series although I’m still pretty early into the binge watch. I do remember losing interest after season 5 because the series just started to jump the shark repeatedly.

]Over the years, I’ve wonder if series creator Chris Carter has been thinking of how to right some of the wrongs if given the chance. He now has that chance and I’m hoping for six of the best X-Files episodes we’ve ever seen.

The X-Files returns January 2016.

Image: Fox TV