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Materials and Methods Matter: Graphite Mix Media Techniques Part 1

In this episode of Materials and Methods Matter artist and educator Ed S Brickler will introduce you to four tools and techniques for embellishing graphite in mixed-media. Art materials shown in this video are available at most art material retailers and on the Chartpak Online Factory Store.

KIN 4B Graphite Drawing Pencil (item # FA1900.4B):

Molotow Aqua Squeeze Brush 3mm Round (item# 727.102):

Spectra Ad Colorless Blender (item# SOAD) :

KIN Polycolor Blender Pencil (item# 3800000020KS):

Molotow One4All Acrylic Marker, 1mm:

KIN 9x12 Drawing Pad:

Making Art: Materials and Techniques for Today's Artist: