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Nike Pays Tribute to Calvin Johnson With Megatron Kicks!

Nike has just unveiled an awesome three-pack of shoes that will have sports fans and geeks going gaga! The black and purple shoes are all in tribute to two of the most important "Megatrons" ever--Detroit Lions' wide receiver Calvin Johnson and The Deception's evil Overlord from Transformers! The two separate trainers and elite cleat feature a combo of call-outs. Like the Transformers' trademark logo, colors and circuit board to a strap that says "Show No Mercy," Calvin Johnson's favorite quote. The packaging might look like a box , but there's more than meets the eye--the "allspark-modeled" cube unfolds to show the shoes and this special edition Transformer's action figure. Becaue the NFL's Megatron wears number 81, the brand is only offering 81 of the limited edition set of sneakers from their official website!