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James Gandolfini's Most Memorable Roles

James Gandolfini was an incredible actor that left us far too soon. Join us in remembering his most memorable moments in film. As we all know, his big break came in 1999 when he scored the part of modern-day Godfather, Tony Soprano. But there was plenty more to Jimmy's career than killing, baked ziti and therapy sessions. His role in 1993's 'True Romance' as Virgil the psychotic Sicilian mobster and alongside John Travolta in the 1995 mobster comedy, 'Get Shorty' -- sensing the trend? Come 2001 it was the role of a bounty hunter in 'The Mexican.' Last year James took on the role of CIA director Leon Panetta in best picture nominee, 'Zero Dark Thirty.' It's clear from the dozens of celeb tributes on Twitter that James was not only a pleasure to watch, but to work with as well. We will certainly miss this gentle giant.