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Stars Cast in Cantinflas Biopic

The biopic of comic star Cantinflas is set to start shooting. Born as Mario Moreno Reyes and known as the Latin American Charlie Chaplin, the film will cover the comic's life from 1911 through his 1956 Golden Globe win for 'Around the World in 80 Days.' Spanish actor Oscar Jaenada has been chosen to play the comedian, but Cantinflas' real life son, Mario Moreno Ivanova, admits that he would have preferred to see a Mexican actor in the role because there are nuances and small cultural details that will be impossible for a foreign actor to capture. Jaenada however is not afraid and told CNN that he does't care and that he can play anyone. Acting alongside Oscar will be Barbara Mori as Elizabeth Taylor and Ximena Gonzalez Rubio as Maria Felix.