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Gamify E Commerce: How HSN Targets Girl Gamers

HSN continues to reinvent and re-energize the retail industry by being more than a retail brand and has established itself as a source for entertainment and information. HSN has pioneered the concept of boundary-less retail - an environment devoid of artificial barriers, driven by innovation and collaboration that leverages the power of technology to create a friction-less experience for consumers. HSN provides customers with compelling and engaging shopping experiences that incorporate entertainment, inspiration, personalities and industry experts. In June 2011, HSN developed and launched the retail industry's first casual gaming and digital entertainment portal called HSN Arcade to tremendous success. HSN became the first retailer to combine three of the most powerful web activities-shopping, gaming and sharing-all on one screen. Learn how HSN has driven over 200K daily interactions online using gamification - what worked and what didn't, and how you can tap into this emerging trend for your community.