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What You Get By Achieving Your Goals Is Not As Important As What You Become


We all have a passion. So, find something you really enjoy doing, no matter how small. For me, it is a few things. I enjoy writing and I find pleasure in reading or playing computer games with my kids a couple of nights a week. This allows to refresh and relax my mind even during the most stressful of days.

Stress will build and build once all you think is WORK. When swamped with work, family life, etc. we often forget about ourselves. What I mean by this is to find a few hours off and do something you like to do. For example, I enjoyed a nice trip to the highlands and enjoy nature. Just spending some quality time with myself makes all the difference.

In other words, it means that you have many blessings in your life whether you see them or not. It is important to recognize what you have, and take joy in it. I may work a lot of hours and get stressed beyond belief sometimes, but then by simply taking a look with my kids playing and smiling, I get satisfied. My efforts are all worth it. In fact, it is all a matter of perspective and choosing what to focus on. Just remember, enjoy what you do, and enjoy who you are more.

The true purpose of a goal is to help you grow. Everything in your life becomes better when you grow. A real goal are a few things you never did before. A goal are a few things that may scare you and excite you at the same time. In short, after you set your goal, you do not have to be shrewd to succeed in it. Do not even rely on that. Solely rely on one thing that you simply want. What you get may be a bonus from your hard work and effort. Growth may be a natural a part of life. That's why it's necessary to hunt ways to grow.Goal setting allows you to grasp and to head in the right direction with life.

Make your goal bigger than before and set a time frame to achieve it. After you reach your goal you recognize that you also become a better version of you.Everything in your life can improve. Just make sure you have a goal. Decide what you want, how to measure it and when you want it. Then, focus on the things that will take you in the direction of your goal. Lastly, don't spend any time thinking of why you can't. Only think of how you can.

To accomplish your goals focus in the process of achieving them rather than the prize. It is very important to set your goals and work towards accomplishing them. You cannot quantify the prize you get for fulfilling your goals apart from how they make you feel. Are you satisfied with the outcome of your efforts?

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