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Sculpting the Human Face in Clay - 3 Mistakes Artists Make


When sculpting the human face in clay, try to avoid these commonly made mistakes:

1. Sculpting The Eyes Too Far Apart - The eyes should only be as far apart as they are wide. If the eyes are big, the the space between them should bigger as well. The distance between the eyes should be equal to the size of the eyes. Many artists make the mistake of lengthening that space which throws off the whole look of the face.

2. Making the Nose Too Long - The measurement from the eyebrow to the the bottom of the nose should be the same as the hairline to the eyebrows. Keep these measurements in mind and avoid making the nose so long that it throws these measurements off.

3. Making the Chin Too Small - From a profile view, the chin should protrude to about where the lips protrude. If the chin does not protrude that far, the chin will look underdeveloped and your piece will look "off".

- Bonus Tip: 2 of the measurements from the eyebrows to the bottom of the chin is how wide the cheekbones should be.

Most of the major mistakes artists make when sculpting a face are related to getting the measurements just right. Its always important to check and double check your measurements as you go so that you aren't having to go back and make changes to those parts of the sculpture after you have already started working on the fine detail. Have these measurements in place will give your face a much more realistic and believable feel.

Adam Reeder is a Professional Sculptor.

Learn Adam's unique sculpting techniques by watching his Sculpting Tutorial Videos Online.

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