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10 Tips Every Face Painter Should Follow


In every industry, hygiene is an essential factor that must be considered. For instance, in every restaurant, waiters are asked to wash their hands at every opportunity they get. Beauticians are asked to clean their brushes for each client and most change the needles. There are certain rules as to what must be followed regarding hygiene but still there is some grey area when it comes to it.

Face painting - its evolution

Over the last two or three decades, face painting has evolved as a very popular sort of amusement. Kids, for instance, love this and more often than not, they prefer it in their parties. But as it has advanced, there has been a growing concern regarding its contamination and how to counter it with proper hygiene. For a healthy and happy painting, here are a few tips to follow:


  • Always use the products which are compatible with your skin. Refrain from using acrylics or markers or any other product which are not apt for using over the skin.

  • If you have sores, skin disease or any cuts, do not paint. If you do, it can elevate the soreness and cause inflammation.

  • Whatever tools that are used for this purpose should be kept in good condition. After every job, they should be cleaned and sanitised properly. Also, sponges should be used only once per colour.

  • The colours should be stored at a moderate temperature.

  • Before storing, the tools should be dried out properly.

  • The water used should be clean. Dirty water can make your kid's eyes irritate.

  • Using a baby wipe to clean the baby's face from time to time while the painting is being done.

  • Children under three years should never be subjected to this because they are just developing and they might get an allergy to it.

  • Usually, the colours do not have any SPF in them which is why if your kid is going to stay outdoors for a considerable time, apply sunscreen lotion over their face.

  • There will always be many other kids who will try to get involved in the process which can really disturb the artists. Keep those kids in check so that they don't poke their nose in the process. 


Being one of the most entertaining aspects of any event, more and more people are using it in their party. It's not that it is favourable only for children; adults too can try this.

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