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Pet Portraits are Very Personalized and can be Customized

By: Azalea Wright

Pet portraits are very personalized and can be customized, it is a better way to cherish your pets for a lifetime. By the use of pet portraits you can make your photos personal and celebrate each moment you have with your pet.

Pet portraits have become one of the trends to most pet lovers in order to capture their moments with their valued pets in the most special way. Although memories can be captured readily with digital photos, fine arts have been reestablished by making handmade images of beloved pets.

Whether it is a cat or a dog or whatever animal species that you prefer, we always want to share experiences with them. With pet portraits, each detail of your pet is remade to life by oil and canvas. Artists have several styles in painting which you can choose from. Some may offer Warhol style which has been made popular in 1998 as recognition to Andy Warhol, others may offer painterly style through the medium of watercolor.

The best thing about pet portraits is that they are very personalized and can be customized. You may request photo to paint mode where the artist would just need to copy the photo of your pet while you may also request for actual scenario painting or choose the background of the painting that you may find suitable.

Oil in canvas or watercolor painting, whatever the style or the medium that you may prefer, it is then made more long-lasting with a frame customized according to your preference. You may ask the service provider to do the framing for you while some may leave the decision to you as they find it a personal preference. If they can do it for you, why take the hassle. BesidesFeature Articles, you are ensured that they only use frames of the highest quality to fit your painting.

We owe a lot of the happiness we get to our pets and it is due that we give them value by a simple means like pet portraits. A fine arts painting makes a great deal of difference when it comes to originality and capturing the spark or spirit of each moment that you cherish.

Make it personal and celebrate each moment you have with your pet. Cherish each moment with pet portraits but choose the artist that could make this experience satisfying.

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About the Author:

Azalea Wright is a photographer and visual arts enthusiast who writes articles about pet portraits. She has numerous collections of paintings including oil portraits, pet portraits and a lot more.