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Museums in Stockholm For ART Lovers

By: Peter Lauren

For art lovers, there are several museums in Stockholm to choose from, depending on which direction you are interested in.

National Museum 

National Museum is Sweden's largest art museum, owned by the Swedish State. Museums collections consist of paintings, sculpture and works on paper from 1500-1900's, and of applied art and design objects from the 1500s until today.

Thiel Gallery 

Thiel Gallery is one of Stockholm's art museum with works by members of the Artists' Union from 1900. In Thiel Gallery you will also find one of the largest collections of Edvard Munch. The museum was created by the "financier Ernest Thiel", who was one of the most significant art collectors in Sweden.

Modern Museum 

Modern museum shows the Swedish, Nordic and international modern and contemporary art. The museum's collections include contemporary painting, sculpture, photography and art films from 1900 onwards. Modern Art Museum are both in Stockholm and Malmö.

Photographic Museum 

Photographic Museum is located in the Great Customs House in Stadsgårdshamnen. The museum is a privately owned Swedish art galleryArticle Search, founded by brothers Jan and Per Broman.

Courtesy: Articles Factory