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Tips on the Writing Calligraphy

By: Alissa

Calligraphy, known as a kind of visual art, is beautiful handwriting in literal meaning. It refers to an ancient style of writing. In fact, it is a very old form of art, still being practiced all around the world now. There are mainly three main styles of calligraphy. They are Arabic, Chinese and Roman and many more.  .

To master the art of writing calligraphy requires a lot of patience and passionate. The basics can learned on your own by following some essay instructions. It is very simple. And above all, it can be mastered with consistent practice. Read on to know how to write calligraphy.

First and foremost, before starting learning how to write calligraphy, you should select a calligraphy style. As a saying goes, success depends on persistence and never giving up. Besides, you should stick to learning one calligraphy style at a time and practice on a daily basis for mastering how to write calligraphy.

Secondly, in order to indulge in calligraphy writing, the writing tools that you need are indispensable. The basic things that you need are calligraphy pens, ink, and paper. Particularly, it is quite important for you to understand what the constituent features of a good calligraphy pen are. The Calligraphy pen is a symbol of formality. To a great extent, it is the tool for writing words that flow and come together in harmony. In addition, you are required to understand that with calligraphy pens, the nib is of extreme significance.

Thirdly, the calligrapher needs to pay attention to the handle of the pen that is also an essential factor. Among different types of calligraphy pens, you can pick up the ones that you want depending on your preference. When everything is ready, seat yourself in a comfortable position, on a firm and wide table, preferably with a tilted desktop. It is wise to hold the brush or calligraphy pen at an angle of 35°. Dip it in the ink, if using a quill pen and start practicing the basic strokes. As a beginner, you can start with the lower case alphabets. If find it difficult getting it right, you are able to try practicing by tracing the alphabets. What’s matterFind Article, you will need to practice the calligraphy letters again and again to learn calligraphy.

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