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Benefits of Playing Drums

By: David Khevsurishvili

Playing drums helps you a lot in life in many ways. Though it requires a lot of practice to master in this field, the end result is always fruitful.

Music has the ability to make you feel energized and more relaxed. It reduces stress and gives you a sense of freedom. There are many musical instruments available, but drums have their own charisma.

Drums are used in almost every genre of music. The studies have shown that there are many health and development benefits of playing drums. Playing drums has a positive effect on social behaviors, self-expression, self-esteem and depression.

Here are some benefits of playing drums:

  1. It’s Fun: Playing drums is of great fun. It releases endorphins in the human brain that are a cause of happiness and euphoria. It doesn’t matter how talented you are, of what age you are, playing drums will always be enjoyable.
  2. Boosts Immune System: Studies have shown that drumming is good for immune system. A group drumming session is of great benefit as it can create illness-killing cells, which can protect the body.
  3. Reduces Stress: Drumming reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.  It is a stress free activity where people can let themselves go. It calms us, comforts us and helps reduce depression.
  4. Brings Positivity: Drumming has the ability to remove negativity and bring positive vibes. It helps people express and address emotional trauma. Joining drum classes can help in building your personality. In addition to this, it helps us to rebuild our emotional health and address issues of violence.
  5. Great Workout: Drumming is also a way to exercise. It improves your reflexes. The more fit you areFree Articles, the longer you can play drum. It is as a physical activity that stimulates the brain and keeps the four limbs indulged in doing something different.
  6. Improves Coordination: Drumming is the only instrument that requires more coordination than any other instrument. Your one hand focuses on one pattern and the other hand produces different rhythm. You can master these skills by learning from any mentor who provides drum lessons.
  7. Makes You Smarter: Research has shown that drumming may increase your IQ level. It has the capability to tap into a natural rhythmic pattern found in materials all over the earth.
  8. Develop Creative Skills: Playing drums helps you making out creative sounds with your skills. You need to judge where the rhythm takes you when you move your body in a different manner to produce drum beats.
  9. Sharpens Your Concentration: Playing drums in a perfect manner requires a lot of concentration. It’s not a simple task as your arms are doing something different and your feet are doing something else. Learning drums helps you focus on different things at the same time.
  10. Helps You Connect With Self and Others: Drumming creates a sense of working in a group and coordinating with others. It discourages isolation and promotes communication and involvement with the group. People who are mentally disturbed in their life get a chance to connect with others and relieve worries behind.
  11. Helps You Learn Social Skills: Working in a group helps you socialize with other persons. It also improves interpersonal skills as you get to learn with others.

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