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Great Artistic Film Posters

By: Eric Vaknin

Looking back in Hollywood history there have been different iconic images from productions. From grainy black and white photographs with splashy text to the seamless machine generated graphics used today, artsy film posters are here to stay.

Aside from simply advertising new movies, the posters for movies have become collectibles and decorations for many of us. These images have made their way into our collective cultural consciousness and have become a language unto themselves. Some of the most famous film posters don't even need the names of the movies they represent, to be recognized. For filmmakers, the poster has become in and of itself a highly crucial part of the process. 

Even now with the many means of marketing available to film makers, posters for their productions still have to stand out in the crowd. They must grab the passerby and become something that persons must remember. The poster would create a sense of excitement, it will lead individuals to want to know more and thus see the film being advertised.  

All in all artsy film posters have elevated what could be considered basic advertising to art. Film posters have moved beyond basic promotional tools and become cultural and political signs of where we've been and where we're going.

Whether they are controversial, ambiguous or downright absurd, film posters can remain a part of our lives. Some of our most cherished shared memories have come from film posters and as we move into a new era of film making one would wonderBusiness Management Articles, what's next?

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